This is a slam lock as fitted to most courier vehicles. 

They reinforce the vans original latching system.



This a Dead Lock, these must be manually locked with a key to protect doors. unlike the slam lock that needs no interaction once the door is closed.


A deadlock has to be manually locked with a key, and wont lock it's self.

whereas a slam lock will lock it's self when you slam the door shut. hence the name 

"slam lock".

hope that's cleared that up for you.


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Pictured is a deadlock fitted to a Mercedes sprinter cab door.



Here is a hook style deadlock, seen here fitted to a Ford transit custom van. this was the first ever high level hook fitted to a custom side load door.

i fitted this at locks4vans.




Pictured here is a slam lock fitted to a citroen berligo van




#tibbe pick.

Shown here is a lock pick that costs under £30 and is now used by thieves to open pre 14 plate fords. as fords use the door lock to arm and disarm the alarm as well as operate the central locking the thieves have access to all areas in seconds.


however there is a cure. seen below.




Pictured here is a rep lock for a transit custom. this is a replacement lock for the factory fitted ford lock.

you can also buy rep locks for mk7 transits , connects and mk 8 models.

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